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Weed in London

Find Weed in London:

If you are in London and asking yourself: “Is weed / cannabis legal in London?”. Continue reading to see why I think London is awesome place for stoners.
London is a large metropolis with enough to do and see at any given time. When it comes to buying and finding weed, London isn’t the best as compared to Amsterdam. Hence there isn’t many weed cafes in London like you can see in Amsterdam. But if you’re prepared to put in extra efforts, you’ll be able to get some quality weed in London. However explore Four Twenty Avenue cannabis travel guide to learn everything you need to know about cannabis/weed in London. Read on! to get some tips on buying weed in London.
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Cannabis Laws in the United Kingdom- Cannabis Laws in London

Is buying weed in London legal. Cannabis is classified as a Class C narcotic, however the government has ordered that it be reclassified as a Class B substance. What exactly does that imply? If you’re detected with a little amount of weed in your possession, you’ll almost certainly be arrested and fined at the police station. People who are caught buying weed in London three times may be sentenced to prison. There’s no need to be concerned; if you use your common sense, you’ll be OK and hence easy for you to find weed in London. Smoking is not permitted in public or crowded areas, but it is permitted in secluded parks or indoors.
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How and Where to find weed in London

Buying weed in London is quite challenging for tourists. But there are a few nice places to find weed, however some of them aren’t worth going. Hence getting yourself use to someone with a hookup and asking their weed vendor’s contact is the best way to buy weed in London, and this is how most locals do it. If there is no one you can turn to, you will have to rely on the streets. So, here are few tips and safe areas in London where you can buy weed:
Walking around Kings Cross, especially late at night, you will almost certainly come across someone smoking weed. Simply approach them and inquire if he or she can help you to find weed in London. Often, there are some weed dealers loitering around that sell weed or hash.
Also a good spot, where you can find people buying weed in London is at Music festivals and clubs – There is a lot of weed and other drugs around these places, and if you ask a few people, you will almost certainly get weed. It’s not uncommon to see or smell someone smoking a joint late at night outside of a club or at an outdoor festival. Again, you must approach them and inquire.
Camden Town — This is a fun place to hang out, and there are plenty of dealers and pushers. Nothing is certain, therefore you’ll have to rely on luck.

Cannabis Coffeeshops in London

In London, there are now Amsterdam-style weed cafes quietly operating behind closed doors. You must be a member in order to have access to buy weed in these cafes. With police intervention almost inevitable, the owners of these establishments are taking an enormous risk. Whether deliberate or not, they are bringing about change at street level and creating a bolder attitude amongst those who use cannabis. One particular cafe in east London has moved location several times due to police busts and tabloid exposes.

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