Cannabis in Croatia

Cannabis in Croatia

Find cannabis in Croatia

Actually Croatia has everything you need: mountains, beaches, and an old town. But if you want to party, you might want to chill too. When it comes to cannabis Croatia is not the best place in the world. Read on to find out all of the details.

Cannabis laws in Croatia

The fact that it is in the south of Europe, Croatia does not have relaxed drug laws like in Spain and Italy. If you are caught by the cops with a few grams on you, you can expect to get fined and the fines are steep. Depending on the exact amount of weed and the circumstances, you can expect to pay between EUR 650 – 2,600 (HRK 5,000-20,000). For harder drugs, the penalties are harsher and for the possession of large quantities of weed, you could go to prison.

Cannabis is not as excepted in Croatia as it is in other parts of Europe and that is reflected by the harsh laws. The country is still very conservative when it comes to drugs. It is best to be careful and discreet when smoking. Younger people are usually cool with it, but older people are not and might even call the cops on you.

Getting weed in Croatia

Despite the large scale tourism, Croatia remains very conservative. However you won’t find any dealers walking around, like in Spain or Italy. Getting cannabis in Croatia is challenging and you will need to rely on the kindness of the locals. Try befriending a waiter or a barman and ask them for help. The young people in Croatia that do smoke weed usually have a contact they call. Don’t ask random people on the street for drugs as many of them will not appreciate it.

Kindly share your experience in the comment section below on how you managed to buy weed in Croatia.

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