Find Weed in Kuwait City, Kuwait

Cannabis in Kuwait City

Find Weed in Kuwait City:

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait. Lies at the heart of the country on the south shore of Kuwait Bay on the Persian Gulf, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the emirate. Containing Kuwait’s Seif Palace, government offices, and the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks. It is one of the hottest cities in summer on earth. With average summer high temperatures over 45 °C (113 °F) for three months of the year.
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Cannabis laws in Kuwait

The Middle East is recognized for being a conservative location. Weed in Kuwait city is illegal for all purposes, and possession of even small amounts of the drug is a criminal offence and can result in hefty prison time and significant fines. Medical cannabis is also prohibited. About 3.1% of the people in Kuwait used Cannabis within the last year.
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How and Where to find weed in Kuwait City

There are some people that smoke weed in Kuwait City, but they are locals and have dealers that they contact. There is zero chance you will find a random person smoking weed in the street of Kuwait city, as they would be risking the death penalty. It’s also not a good idea to walk around asking for weed or hash. However, if you are craving to smoke weed in Kuwait City the best place to look for weed is cnr Ahmad Al Jaber & Mubarak Al Kabeer St close to Mukha. Also you can ask the staffs at Kush by Lokal at Mohammad Thunayyan Al Ghanem Street for help. While doing so you need to be extremely discreet.

Prices of weed : Prices varies, but almost everything is extremely expensive. You can get a gram of weed between 20 to 25 USD.

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