Get Cannabis in Antwerp, Belgium

Cannabis in Antwerp

Find Cannabis in Antwerp

If you ever find yourself in Belgium, there’s a good chance you’ll stop in Antwerp. It’s a lovely historical city, and smoking weed while touring Antwerp will be a fantastic experience. Four Twenty Avenue provides an insight of cannabis laws in Belgium and how to get weed in Antwerp.

Cannabis Law in Belgium

Is cannabis legal in Antwerp, Belgium has a peculiar weed regulation that prohibits even the possession of a single joint. Back in 2015, you could get caught with up to 3 grams of marijuana and face no consequences. If you’re caught with a tiny amount of marijuana right now, you can expect to be fined, but it all depends on the cop.
Some cops will simply ignore those holding cannabis, while others will arrest you.
The best place to smoke is in remote parks or beside a river to avoid getting into trouble.

Weed, Cannabis or Hemp in Antwerp

How and Where to get Cannabis in Antwerp, Belgium

The most suitable location to get weed in Antwerp is Groenplaats, one of the biggest squares in the city. It won’t be difficult to spot persons who are simply waiting for smokers to approach them. However, you should exercise extreme caution because this location is under regular police surveillance.
Other places to visit include parks or paths near the river, which are popular with smokers.

Cannabis Prices in Antwerp

Because the cannabis in Antwerp is of such high quality, you should expect to pay extra.
Because the Netherlands is close to the city, you can expect some of Europe’s best buds.
A high-quality bud starts at 10e per gram, and if you prefer hash, you can expect to pay 7e per gram. The best part is that you may choose from a small number of strains while purchasing.

Weed, Cannabis or Hemp in Antwerp

Although it is illegal to possess or consume weed in Antwerp, if you do it in private areas, you will be fine.
Because the majority of the plant comes from the neighboring Netherlands, the quality of the weed is excellent. During your time in Antwerp, you can expect to smoke a lot of high-quality strains.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy cannabis in Antwerp.

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