Get Cannabis in Kalamata, Greece

Weed in Kalamata

On the Greek peninsula of the Peloponnese is Kalamata. The olives from the area, which is use in making classic Greek salad, have make the city and region famous both in Greece and across the world. It is absolutely amazing to use marijuana while taking in the old coastlines and ruins as well as relaxing on the beach while stoned. Regrettably, marijuana is illegal in Greece, and the rules are rather tight. For tourists, finding marijuana in Kalamata might be challenging. Continue reading for our guide to cannabis in Kalamata.

Cannabis Laws in Greece- Cannabis laws in Kalamata

Is weed legal in Kalamata. Greece used to be pretty strict when it came to marijuana, but recently it seems to have softened up a bit. Cannabis cultivation, usage, and possession are all prohibited in Kalamata. However, there is a distinction between possession and usage for personal purposes. The likelihood of being in trouble and having to appear in court if you are in possession of a few grams, but you will often receive a fine. Depending on the officer, there’s also a potential that the cops will just take the marijuana and let you go. This calls for caution and a prohibition on smoking weed in public areas in Kalamata.

Greece legalized medical marijuana in 2017. This demonstrates that the nation is moving in the right direction toward legalizing marijuana. However, a lot of efforts toward weed legalization in Kalamata would need to put in place.
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How and Where to get weed in Kalamata, Greece

Despite the strict regulations, cannabis is really produced in Greece, particularly around Kalamata. Having said that, it might be really difficult to get weed in Kalamata if you do not know any locals. You’ll have a better view of more popular locations like Athens and Mykonos. Ask any of the locals working at hotels and restaurants if you don’t have the chance to visit any of those locations; they might be able to set you up.

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