Get Weed in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Weed in Birmingham

Find Weed in Birmingham:

After London, Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest city. The city has a long and illustrious history, and it has long played an important part in English politics. It also has a few universities, so there are plenty of wonderful venues to go out, particularly for young people and get weed in Birmingham. Weed is illegal in United Kingdom, although it is nevertheless available. Explore our cannabis travel guide to learn more about cannabis laws and how to get weed.

Cannabis Laws in the United Kingdom 

Is weed legal in Birmingham. Cannabis is classified as a Class C narcotic, however the government has ordered that it be reclassified as a Class B substance. What exactly does that imply? If you’re detected with a little amount of marijuana in your possession, you’ll almost certainly be arrested and fined at the police station. People who are caught possessing marijuana three times may be sentenced to prison. There’s no need to be concerned; if you use your common sense, you’ll be OK. Smoking weed in public or crowded places in Birmingham is not advisable, but you can do so privately or indoors.
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How and Where to get weed in Birmingham

Getting weed in Birmingham, without having contact can be quite hard. There are street dealers in some of the bad neighborhoods of Birmingham, but it is not advisable to go and buy there, for your own safety. However the best way to find weed would be to ask around. Young people and especially students smoke a lot of weed in Birmingham, so if you ask a few people they should be able to give you the number of a dealer. The prices in Leeds are about 7-8 ponds per gram of weed.

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