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Weed in Bochum

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Bochum is a city in western Germany. The German Mining Museum chronicles Bochum’s history of mining and steel production. The museum’s winding tower offers city views. The Bochum Art Museum exhibits Eastern European and modern art. Inside the landscaped Stadtpark, Tierpark und Fossilium is a zoo with a fossil collection. Nearby, the Zeiss Planetarium offers astronomy shows.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany – Cannabis in Bochum

Is weed legal in Bochum. In Germany, cannabis use is very common, especially among younger people. Despite the extremely permissive legislation, cannabis remains illegal in Bochum. Marijuana cultivation and sales are illegal and may land you in serious legal trouble. However, the possession of a little amount of weed is typically not severe and may not even result in a fine. Depending on whatever German state you are in, anything under 10 grams could be a modest quantity, according to Bochum. Smoking weed in Bochum is not allow in public places, and you risk getting into problems if you do, particularly if a school is close by. Although marijuana rules in Germany are generally extremely lenient, it is nevertheless preferable to avoid smoking in public areas.
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How and Where to buy weed in Bochum, Germany

First and foremost, keep in mind that weed is still illegal in Bochum. However there is one common area where stoners in Bochum will advise you to find marijuana. It is around the student neighborhood especially in the evening. Majority of the time, you could see student smoking weed, and they can hook you up with their local dealers. Also you can easily find street dealer roaming around the area. Try to establish eye contact so they may start the conversation. The price of weed in Bochum can sometime rises to 15 euro per gram depending on the circumstances. While the standard price of hash is 7 euro per gram.

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