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What enthrals you about Brest is the spirit of adventure, conquest and discovery in one of the leading cities in the world for Ocean research.
Brest has always pointed its telescope westwards at the Atlantic, as you’ll realise on the quays of the port, by exploring Océanopolis, a world-class aquarium, or in the galleries of the Naval Museum in the bowels of the castle. However this guide will give you an insight of cannabis laws and where to get weed in Brest.
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Cannabis Laws in France- Cannabis laws in Brest

Is cannabis legal in Brest. France is among those countries that has one of the strictest cannabis policies in the European Union (EU).
But the irony is, it also has the highest consumption rate for cannabis in Europe. Is weed legal in Brest? However weed is illegal in Brest. Hence anyone found to be in possession of cannabis could face a minimum prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of $4,000.

Weed and hash are immensely popular drugs that is illegal in Brest. The prohibition of cannabis controls its production, import, and sale of recreational cannabis containing THC. And there are no licensed dispensaries where you can get weed in Brest.
Even though weed in Brest remains one of the most popular illegal drugs, it is illegal for personal or recreational use. But limited types of cannabis-derived products that are useful for medical use is permitted.
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Where and How to get weed in Brest

In Brest, getting weed is not too difficult because to the liberal French legal system. There are some dealers that sell weed around railway stations, popular nightclubs and pubs, but they do attempt to take advantage of people, despite the fact that the weed they offer are of very poor quality. Locals in Brest who know someone who grows or sells high-quality marijuana or hash are the only ones who can get the best of weed in Brest. Meeting some French guys at Pointe du Petit Minou and asking them for assistance is your best option. Since marijuana is so widely used in France, there are a lot of people who can and will assist you. A gram of marijuana costs, on average, 10 euros.

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