Get Weed in Chios, Greece

Weed in Chios

Only 7 kilometers separate the Turkish shore from Chios, the fifth-largest Greek island. It attracts a ton of tourists each year due of its stunning beaches, ancient towns, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site monastery from the eleventh century. Sadly, marijuana remains banned in Greece, where the regulations are among the strictest in the continent. On the islands, it is infamously difficult to obtain marijuana. To learn more about cannabis laws and getting weed in Chios, continue reading.

Cannabis Laws in Greece – Cannabis laws in Chios

Is weed legal in Chios. Greece used to be pretty strict when it came to marijuana, but recently it seems to have softened up a bit. Cannabis cultivation, usage, and possession are all prohibited in Chios. However, there is a distinction between possession and usage for personal purposes. The likelihood of being in trouble and having to appear in court if you are in possession of a few grams, but you will often receive a fine. Depending on the officer, there’s also a potential that the cops will just take the marijuana and let you go. This calls for caution and a prohibition on smoking weed in public areas in Chios.

Greece legalized medical marijuana in 2017. This demonstrates that the nation is moving in the right direction toward legalizing marijuana. However, a lot of efforts toward weed legalization in Chios would need to put in place.
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How and Where to weed in Chios, Greece

Similar to every Greek island, with the possible exception of Mykonos, getting weed in Chios is quite challenging. However you will have to rely on the locals as there are no street vendors selling to tourists. Any Greek island, and Chios is no exception, has cannabis being cultivated on it practically as a matter of course. You may try enlisting the assistance of local waiters or bartenders who work in the service sector at the beaches in Chios. Overall, though, finding marijuana in Chios is fairly difficult, and you will have more success in larger places like Athens.

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