Get Weed in Eleuthera Island

Get Weed in Eleuthera Island

Find Weed in Eleuthera:

Eleuthera is still one of the true natural treasures in The Bahamas, hidden away from the limelight and devoid of all the opulent celebrity villas and resorts of Nassau and Harbour Island across the harbor. 
It appears like an upside-down C and stretches over 100 miles from top to bottom. There are countless secret coves and coastal nooks to discover, with rocks strewn over the barren sands and sea grasses rustling in the trade winds. 
Weed-lovers frequent locations like Surfers Beach, while horseback riders will enjoy exploring the caverns and odd geological formations that rise from Whiteland all the way to Rock Sound. 
Yes, getting weed in Eleuthera is truly a sight to behold!

Cannabis Laws in The Bahamas

Is weed legal in Eleuthera. Cannabis is currently illegal in the Bahamas. Just for having weed in your possession, you might face serious consequences, including imprisonment. It is far more unlawful to sell and grow weed, and doing so would almost surely land you in jail. However tourists are frequently being target by the authorities, since they often take bribes. If you are smoking weed in the Bahamas, you must be discreet and careful; avoid doing so in public areas.

Recently decriminalizing has been roaming around. This shows that the country is moving towards acceptance of cannabis. Hence quality weed will soon be available in Eleuthera.

Endeavour to update our readers with the cannabis law in Eleuthera in the comment section below.

How and Where to get weed in Eleuthera

Finding weed in Eleuthera Island isn’t too hard, but do keep in mind that it’s very illegal. If you go around the beach in the more touristy parts, just ask the guys that sell trinkets around there and you will be hooked up. The prices can vary a lot as tourists often get ripped off, so do negotiate. Also keep in mind that the quality is usually very bad, but it should get you high.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Eleuthera.

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Tenny Chris

Incredible selection with very helpful dealer! Strong cannabis, with an assortment for everything needed from flower to concentrates and edibles. Clean packaging and speed discrete delivery ???? will definitely recommend his Telegram ID anyone visiting Eleuthera. @pochoerbivore✅ Email

Raymond C.

This guy Pocho is the real MVP! During our first-time vacation here, a member of our group faced a major issue on day one due to the absence of their organic anxiety medication, which also caused a minor inconvenience for the rest of us. Despite my initial skepticism about buying weed online, I decided to give it a shot. I reached out to Pocho at, and to my surprise, within less than 30 minutes, all our worries vanished. Not only were the prices reasonable, but the quality of the bud was outstanding! Pocho was incredibly responsive, accommodating, and even included some bonus roll papers and a blunt for good measure. Impressed by his professionalism and reliability, I didn’t hesitate to contact him again when we needed more. And true to form, he came through once more, this time with even more roll papers! Pocho feels like the neighborhood “go-to” guy, someone you can trust and rely on. If you’re on the fence about it, just shoot him an email—I did, and I was chilling within 30 minutes! XD <3 ( "" is your go-to contact)

Shannon Clements

Pocho @pochoerbivore on telegram app or mailto: is the top service so far. Great service, easy to work with and I’m very satisfied. I’m so happy I found Pocho here. He is super responsive, on time and the quality of WEED he sells are serious on point and top notch. I followed his instructions and sincerely I was skeptical at first but he finally showed up on time. I will definitely be ordering from them more often because he is the only reliable local plug you can trust so far.

Joseph K.

I wanna say a big Thanks to Pocho for last night bro. I will hook ya up wit some friends of mine coming from the USA 🇺🇸. though was really scared it was fast one on me due to the delay and payment before delivery. Special thanks to everyone on this site who recommended Pocho to me.