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Weed in Hamburg

Find Weed in Hamburg:

Despite being Germany’s second-largest city, Hamburg is unquestionably the greatest destination to visit. Hamburg may not be as well-known as Munich or Berlin, but it offers a comparable nightlife, mood, and architectural style. Germany is amazing when it comes to weed, and Hamburg is no exception. Cannabis is illegal yet simple to obtain. Get an insight on cannabis laws and how to get weed.

Cannabis laws in Germany – Cannabis laws in Hamburg

Is weed legal in Hamburg. In Germany, marijuana use is very common, especially among younger people. Despite the extremely permissive legislation, weed remains illegal. Marijuana cultivation and sales are illegal and may land you in serious legal trouble. However, the possession of a little amount of weed is typically not severe and may not even result in a fine. Depending on whatever German state you are in, anything under 10 grams could be a modest quantity, according to Hamburg. Smoking weed in Hamburg is not allow in public places, and you risk getting into problems if you do, particularly if a school is close by. Although marijuana rules in Germany are generally extremely lenient, it is nevertheless preferable to avoid smoking weed in public areas.
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How and where to get weed in Hamburg, Germany

Since Hamburg is a significant German metropolis, weed is widely accessible. The parks, particularly the “Schanzenpark” or “Florapark,” are good locations to look. You may quickly come across sketchy-looking individuals sitting around and selling weed if you stroll around that area. They are frequently Arabs. If there aren’t any dealers around, you may observe some students smoking. If walk up to them and ask for assistance, they could have nicer weed than the dealers. As usual, there are wide variations in quality on the street, so do not hope for much. There is a good probability that you can be trick even though the going rate is 10 Euros per gram. Weed dealers in Hamburg frequently deliver base on minimum order.

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