Get Weed in Krakow, Poland

Buying weed in Krakow

Find Weed in Krakow:

Despite being the second-largest city in Poland, Kraków is just as fantastic as Warsaw. The city, which came into existence in the seventh century, has an aura of ancient and medieval architecture. Sadly, Krakow is not the finest marijuana destination in Europe because weed is illegal in Poland. Continue reading Four Twenty Avenue for complete guide on cannabis laws and how to buy weed in Krakow.

Cannabis laws in Poland – Cannabis in Krakow

Is weed legal in Krakow. Cannabis use is illegal in Poland, and if you find yourself in possession of any, you risk receiving a significant fine or a 3-month jail sentence. You can go to jail for growing and selling, which are far worse offenses. Cannabis is not a laughing issue in Poland, despite the fact that the majority of offenders receive fines instead of the maximum term.

Regarding drugs, Poland is fairly conservative, and there are generally not many lax police officers there. Hence making it somehow difficult to buy weed in Krakow. Despite that, marijuana is still much available for stoners in Krakow. But avoid smoking in open areas where you could be notice, as well as in the streets. Be discrete and vigilant at all times. Take care when using cannabis, even if you observe natives doing so in public.

How and Where to buy weed in Krakow

Despite the strict prohibitions, weed is still available to buy in Krakow because of the inflow of tourists. The situation is improving and although buying was once impossible, it is now only difficult but feasible. You can come across street dealers if you hang out near the bars and strip clubs in the city center and keep an eye out. Although it is largely arbitrary, you could get lucky.

If they aren’t smoking pot, don’t approach random people and ask for help to buy weed. The majority of Poles are against marijuana.

Cannabis Prices in Krakow

In Krakow, weed costs 10 euros a gram, but as a visitor, it is almost certain that you will be prissy of. Locals frequently call hash “Kostka” and cannabis “Baka,” “Jaranie,” or “Staf.” Since hash is far more difficult to get, you won’t likely come across any.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy marijuana in Krakow.

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