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Weed in Leipzig

Find Weed in Leipzig:

With a fascinating history and a ton to do, Leipzig is a city in East Germany. It is an awesome experience smoking marijuana while exploring Leipzig. Marijuana is very common in Germany, hence finding it is not difficult if you have some local friends. Nevertheless, be aware that weed is illegal in Germany, so you must be caution to avoid getting fine in Leipzig.

Cannabis laws in Germany – Cannabis laws in Leipzig

Is weed legal in Leipzig. In Germany, marijuana use is very common, especially among younger people. Despite the extremely permissive legislation, cannabis remains illegal in Leipzig. Marijuana cultivation and sales are illegal and may land you in serious legal trouble. However, the possession of a little amount of buds is typically not severe and may not even result in a fine. Depending on whatever German state you are in, anything under 10 grams could be a modest quantity, according to Leipzig. Smoking weed in Leipzig is not allow in public places, and you risk getting into problems if you do, particularly if a school is close by. Although marijuana rules in Germany are generally extremely lenient, it is nevertheless preferable to avoid smoking in public areas.
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Where and How to buy weed in Leipzig, Germany

If you don’t know any Leipzigers, you’ll need to be on the lookout for street vendors. Thankfully, there are a few places in Leipzig where you can almost certainly get weed. There is a considerable probability that you will come across someone selling marijuana if you go around Richard Wagner Platz, particularly the skate park or Dimitroffstraße. Young Arab or Black males tend to be dealers out there. The cost of one gram of marijuana is 10 euros. Buy from street dealers with caution at all times. Always inspect the quality and weight before parting with the dealer.

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