Get Weed in Lucerne, Switzerland

Weed in Lucerne

Find Weed in Lucerne:

The modest, picturesque city of Lucerne lies in the region of Switzerland that speaks German. It’s a lovely location, and you’ll undoubtedly like exploring it. Of course, you’ll want to smoke some weed in Lucerne, just as you would in any attractive place. Despite the fact that cannabis is legal in Switzerland, Lucerne is not the ideal spot to get it marijuana. Continue reading Four Twenty Avenue to learn cannabis laws and how to score pots.

Cannabis laws in Switzerland – Cannabis in Lucerne

Is weed legal in Lucerne. Despite being very lenient, weed remains illegal in Switzerland. Nearly every tobacco shop sells low-THC joints. But since they contain less than 1% THC, they won’t make you feel high. Although unlawful, legal cannabis is decriminalize. You will only receive a fine of 100 Swiss Francs if you are in possession of less than 10 grams. In general, if you simply smoking a joint of weed in Lucerne and aren’t dealing, the cops don’t really care. Just be careful not to overdo it.

There has been several attempts to legalize recreational cannabis in Switzerland, and it is very likely that this will happen in the future. There is still a lot of work on that, and it will certainly take years, but one day we will be smoking THC weed while visiting Lucerne.

How and Where to weed in Lucerne, Switzerland

Since Lucerne isn’t a major city, grabbing weed there is quite challenging. You’ll need to be smart enough, but there is some weed and hash available. You can be fortunate in the evening in the area of the railway station. There are several bars and clubs, and some neighborhood dealers will also be out on patrol. There are no absolutes, though, and you can never be quite certain that you’ll find any. Basel and Zurich are quite a good city for people searching for weed in Switzerland.

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