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Weed in Muara

Find Weed in Muara:

With its own needle-shaped spit of land jutting into the South China Sea, Muara forms the western extremity of the booming economy of Brunei and Muara District.
Primarily famous as one of the best beach towns in the sultanate. It boasts an excellent length of golden sand, as well as a number of playgrounds and picnic areas ideal for families with young children (don’t miss the immaculate Muara Beach Recreational Park grounds). There are more enjoyable strolls to be had along Serasa Beach’s palm-lined spit to the south, with breathtaking vistas across the ocean with ferries. Our guide provides you with cannabis laws and how to get weed in Muara.

Cannabis Laws in Muara

Is weed legal in Muara. Both recreational and medicinal usage of cannabis is illegal in Brunei, and the country has highly severe cannabis legislation.
In Brunei, possession and use of weed are highly illegal. Maximum punishments of 10 years and a fine of USD $20,000.
Penalties for drug trafficking are much harsher. Drug traffickers qualify as those who possess even 15 grams of weed, or less than 1 ounce.
The minimum and maximum sentences for trafficking weed in Muara are 20 years in jail and a fine, respectively, and 30 years in prison and a fine, respectively, for persons who are in possession of at least 20 grams and up to 50 grams.
However, if more than 500 grams of flower or more than 200 grams of resin are being grown, marketed, or trafficked, the death sentence may be applied.

How and Where to get weed in Muara

It’s not that difficult to obtain weed to smoke in Muara, even with the strict legal regulations on paper. It is pointless to try to obtain weed because hash is so much more readily available than bud. There aren’t any dealers in the area, but you may obtain some hash or weed if you ask a cab driver or pretty much any younger male at the beaches. Many locals will be ready to assist because they are generally kind and open. However you need exercise caution while doing so. Check the hash or weed before you pay since there’s a good probability the person may try to scam you.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Muara.

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