Get weed in Protaras, Cyprus

Weed in Protaras

Protaras is Cyprus’ most popular summer spots. A destination for sea lovers that boasts splendid beaches with pristine waters, from hidden bays to long stretches of white sand. Furthermore, the wide variety of restaurants and picturesque taverns, the modern bars, the traditional pubs and the laid back cafes, make Protaras a perfect resort town to wind down and enjoy the lazy days of summer with weed in Protaras. An ideal holiday destination for stoners.
If you are in Cyprus and asking yourself: “Is weed legal in Protaras?”. However, continue reading to see why I think Protaras is an amazing place. Kindly share your opinion on how you managed to buy weed in Protaras in the comment below.

Cannabis Laws in Cyprus – Weed laws in Protaras

Is weed legal in Protaras. Cannabis is not allowed for recreational use in Cyprus, while it is lawful for medical use but not currently available. Industrial hemp is acceptable as long as it meets the 0.2% THC standard set by the EU.
Despite this, there are organizations working to make cannabis completely legal. Cyprus is notorious for strictly enforcing its drug regulations, especially against visitors.

If you are caught possessing cannabis in Cyprus for personal use, it can result to 8 years in prison. If it’s your first offense and you’re under 25, the maximum is reduced to 1 year.

For supply of cannabis in Cyprus, punishment goes up to life in prison.

How and Where to get weed in Potaras

Protaras is super chill when it comes to weed. Has amazing beaches where a lot of people smoke and you’ll generally be fine. Unless you walk around with very large quantities. It’s a good idea to not smoke on the street and avoid police attention.

It can be pretty tough for visitors to buy weed in Protaras. There aren’t many dealers walking around and most of the locals have a hook-up that they call and meet up with. But seriously, go to the beach in the evening and ask one of the kind and generous citizens for their help. I recommend you check out Fig Tree Bay on the east side of the peninsula. Also the Love Boat Bar which is located at the heart of Protaras is another good place to get weed. However you can be friendly to some students while there if you want to smoke.
Kindly share your opinion on how you managed to get marijuana in Protaras in the comment below.

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