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If you are visiting Toulouse and you are asking yourself, Where to get weed or hemp in Toulouse, France, continue reading our ultimate travel guide to get some tips. Toulouse, France’s fourth largest city, has everything a Western European metropolis should have. Toulouse, interestingly, is the European space industry’s hub and home to one of the world’s oldest universities. Exploring Toulouse while smoking weed is a delightful experience that every visitor should try, just like any other French city. Continue reading for a complete guide to hemp in Toulouse, France.
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Hemp laws in France- Hemp Laws in Toulouse

Weed, hemp, or Cannabis in Toulouse, France

Is hemp legal in Toulouse. France has some of the strictest hemp restrictions in Europe, especially when compared to other European countries. However, there has recently been a change in hemp laws. While in the past, possession of pot may result in a big fine or even jail time, nowadays, a minor fee or even a mere warning is the most prevalent punishment. Because a fine of a few hundred euros can be imposed, smoking in public is still discouraged. Although the police in Toulouse are less harsh and hemp is very popular among young people, it is still preferable to use only at home.
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How and Where to get weed in Toulouse

Weed, hemp, or Cannabis in Toulouse, France

Getting good quality weed or hash if you don’t know anyone in Toulouse can be difficult. Dealers can mostly found in the Arnaud Bernard district, which is also where the university is located. Also you can check places like Port de la Daurade at the right bank of the Garonne River. Le Bar Basque at 7 Place Saint Pierre, The Melting Pot Pub at 26 boulevard de Strasbourg. However you can find Arab or black sellers selling low-quality hemp or hash around metro stations. If you opt to get weed in Toulouse from a street vendor, carefully inspect the product before paying, or you may be duped. The price of weed and hash is around ten euros per gram.
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