Get Weed in Varna, Bulgaria

Weed in Varna

Find Weed in Varna:

Varna is the place to go if you ever find yourself in Bulgaria and want to party. It’s a large Bulgarian city on the Black Sea, with a plethora of resorts and high-end nightlife. Because the city has been inspired by a variety of cultures, you can expect stunning architecture throughout. What could be better than snagging some weed while taking in the sights of this lovely city? Continue reading to learn how to buy weed in Varna and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

weed in Varna is illegal, both for medical and recreational purposes. It is classified as a class A (high-risk) drug, together with heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA. Under the Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control Act, cultivation, possession, and sale of marijuana are illegal. But farmers can grow industrial hemp with a permit from the government.
Weed is the most commonly consumed illegal drug in Varna; an estimated 10% of young adults have tried the plant. However, the country has strict drug laws that consider cannabis to have a “high degree of risk for the public health due to the harmful effect from its abuse”.

Possible Penalties:

Cannabis is considered a List 1, “high-risk drug” in Bulgaria. Possession of any amount is illegal, but small amounts (such as a single joint) are considered a minor offense and subject to a fine. Consuming weed in Varna is an administrative offense, subject to a fine.
Possession of large amounts is a criminal offense that can incur one to six years in jail. While trafficking cannabis means you can face two to eight years in jail. There is not a set quantity that determines a “large amount”- it is determined by the street value of however much cannabis you’re carrying.

How and Where to get weed in Varna

It will be difficult to obtain weed in Varna if you are a visitor with no contacts. Going to nightclubs is your best solution since you will undoubtedly run across a weed smoker there. Marine Park and Centrum are other excellent locations, as they require you to utilize your senses and you will definitely smell weed. However, use caution as there are many of aspiring gangsters in the parks that have a nasty attitude and might cause you problems.

Kindly share your experience in the comment section below on how you managed to buy weed in Varna.

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