Get Weed in Yerevan, Armenia

Weed in Yerevan

Find Weed in Yerevan, Armenia

If you are a stoner who love history and visiting strange places – choose Yerevan– you’ll feel just like an explorer. Yerevan is a city with a long history for tourist, and especially for those who love culture tourism. It is one of the most interesting places in the world where you can see historical and cultural monuments. Various monuments of art and buildings make the city masterpieces of the culture of the past.
Sights of Armenia are not only ancient architectural monuments, but also its traditions and customs, delicious national cuisine. There are tons of things to do in Yerevan. Our blog provides an insight on hemp laws in Armenia and how to get weed in Yerevan.

Hemp Laws in Armenia

Weed or hemp in Yerevan, Armenia

Is weed or hemp legal in Yerevan? It is against the law to hold, sell, or use hemp in Armenia. The nation’s harsh drug laws have the aim to stop drug addiction and trafficking.

In Yerevan, there are harsh fines for holding, using, and selling weed. The following fines are set forth:

Small-scale holding of weed for personal use is punishable by up to two months in jail, a fine, or community service.
Larger holding of weed carries a maximum three-year prison charge.
The illegal selling of hemp carries a 4–8 year prison charge, with harsher fines for greater amounts or sales to minors.
Being a part of or building a group that takes part in the moving or sale of weed carries a five-to ten-year prison charge in Yerevan.
The heavy fines set on hemp bans in Armenia may not always translate into continuous enforcement. Police may not give weed-related charges priority, especially if the offense involves tiny amounts meant for personal use.

How and Where to get weed in Yerevan

Weed or hemp in Yerevan, Armenia

Though weed is widely illegal, there is much use of weed in Yerevan especially among young people. It’s nearly hard to get quality weed if you don’t know anyone who lives there. The best spot to find weed is at the city center. Given the abundance of synthetic and fake weed available, it’s definitely best to avoid asking around too much because you could end up getting scammed. It’s not very appropriate to smoke weed in Armenia.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Yerevan.

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