Weed in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Weed in Amsterdam

Weed in Amsterdam

Best stoner-friendly voyage destinations. Many consider Amsterdam to be Europe’s marijuana capital. Since 1970s, the Dutch have been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to recreational cannabis. Anyone over the age of 18 can buy cannabis and hash from the so-called coffeeshops. The city of Amsterdam on the other hand has much more to offer than weed. Amsterdam has a distinct vibe that can’t be duplicated by any other city in the world. Thanks to its gorgeous 17th-century city center and extensive canals. Continue reading for our cannabis guide in Amsterdam.

Cannabis laws in the Netherlands

Cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, contrary to popular belief. The government on the other hand tolerates it and allows coffee shops to operate. When it comes to managing a coffee shop, there are a number of regulations to consider. They can’t keep more than 500 grams of marijuana in the store at a time. They can’t sell more than 5 grams to a single customer. However, getting more cannabis is rather simple, as you can easily obtain 5 grams from several coffee shops. You will be denied entry if you do not have a valid ID and are under age.

Smoking is prohibited outside of a coffeeshop or your home, yet it is usual to observe people smoking in parks or near canals. When smoking in public places, be aware that the police and locals do not appreciate it and may seize your marijuana.

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

  • Coffeeshop Grey Area is one of the greatest cannabis businesses in Amsterdam’s city center. It is open every day from 12:00 to 20:00. Because it’s a small shop with limited seating, most people merely stop by to get some cannabis. The cool interior and personnel of this coffeeshop are well-known.
  • Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam: Located near the central station, this is one of the most mainstream coffeeshops. The fact that Barney’s lounge is right next door sets it apart. It’s essentially a coffee shop where you can smoke marijuana. They have beer and food on sale, and everyone is smoking marijuana. It’s a type of loophole in which they aren’t allowed to sell pot but you are allowed to smoke it. Nevertheless, cigarette smoking is not permitted.
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