Weed in Bangkok, Thailand

Weed in Bangkok

Weed in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a historic city with a long and illustrious past. Many Buddhist temples may be found throughout the city, as well as wonderful street food. If you want to have a good time in Bangkok, we recommend checking out the city’s nightlife. If the legislation and general situation of the country are different, it could be a perfect city to smoke weed. Many people have been sentenced to prison for possessing a few grams of marijuana, but most people get away with a fine or the occasional bribe. Be extremely cautious if you plan to smoke marijuana in Thailand.
You may read an intriguing guide on how to smoke and buy weed in Bangkok without getting caught here.

Cannabis Law in Bangkok: 

Cannabis is banned in Thailand, and the restrictions are highly harsh. Possession, cultivation, or trafficking of up to 10 kilos of marijuana can result in a 5-year prison sentence. In practice, though, if you are discovered with a few grams of marijuana on your person, you are considerably more likely to receive a fine rather than a prison sentence. The police are underpaid in general and are seeking for ways to extort money from travelers. If you’re found with a few grams of marijuana, you might have to pay a bribe. The bribe fee varies according on the officer, although it might be extremely high or extremely low; you can also try to haggle. It’s advisable to stay as far away from the cops as possible. Smoking is not permitted in public places.

Where to Get Weed in Bangkok: 

Asking the younger tuk-tuk drivers for the herb is the best and possibly safest way to obtain it. They’re usually locals who spend their days in the same spot, so there’s a chance they’ll take advantage of you. Pratunam, just outside the hotel Indra Regent, is a nice place to ask around. Thais are quite pleasant and helpful, but be mindful that they are underpaid and place a high importance on money. Simply approach the drivers and request some “ganja,” and they will summon a taxi cab driver acquaintance. You hop in the taxi, buy the cannabis, and go your own ways once the dealer arrives. In a taxi, do not go anyplace.

Reggae bars abound across Bangkok, and you can spot them by their bright, Jamaican, and psychedelic colors. Westerners, mainly backpackers, make up the majority of the clientele in those bars. The staff in those bars frequently sells cannabis. Even if they don’t, if you ask a few of the patrons, you’ll almost certainly get a decent hookup.

Cannabis Prices in Bangkok: 

If you buy weed in Bangkok, expect to pay between 500 and 2000 BHT. The cannabis is of poor quality, but the amount for the price is incredible when compared to the United States or Europe. That bud can still give you a good buzz. You can also acquire enough cannabis to roll 5 joints for 500BHT.

In Bangkok, hash is significantly more difficult to come by. There is some Nepalese hash available in town, but it is more expensive than cannabis and considerably more difficult to come by.

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