Weed in Barbados, Caribbean

Weed in Barbados

Find Weed in Barbados

Barbados is one of the best Caribbean island to visit. Millions of tourists came from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, pleasant waters, and native rum.
Is weed legal in Barbados. Many visitors are unaware that marijuana is legal. Hence it is not adequately regulated. Continue reading to learn more about the marijuana issue and weed in Barbados.

Cannabis laws in Barbados

Is weed legal in Barbados. Barbados’ marijuana position is complicated. But the island is heading toward full and controlled recreational marijuana legalization. The law is currently a little murky on what exactly is going on with cannabis. Although trafficking and selling are unlawful and punishable by imprisonment, recreational possession is a little more tricky.
The cops are unconcerned about cannabis use, when they are, they usually confiscate it. There have been stories of people being fined or being forced to pay a bribe to the police. But these are often in the $100 level. Due to the unusual regulation, it is best to smoke weed in Barbados with caution and discretion.

Finding cannabis in Barbados

Because of the looser restrictions, it is relatively easy to obtain marijuana in Barbados. Hence you will most likely be offered weed in Barbados. Beaches and places with a vibrant nightlife are particularly densely populated with dealers, and if you stick around long enough, you’ll almost certainly score some marijuana. Otherwise, you might simply ask locals for assistance, particularly younger men or rastas. Because it is cultivated outdoors, the quality of the weed is usually poor. For half an ounce, you should anticipate to pay between $50 and $100. (16 grams). It’s always a good idea to haggle a little on the price, as tourists are notorious for getting ripped off.

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