Weed in Bogota, Colombia

Weed in Bogota

Find Weed in Bogota

If you’re the type of tourist who enjoys learning about diverse cultures, Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is a good place to start. The city has an interesting vibe to it, and it is surrounded by beautiful architecture. Smoking marijuana in Bogota will only add to the entire experience, but what is the local cannabis law? Continue reading to learn more about where to acquire weed in Bogota and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Laws in Colombia

Cannabis and cannabis-related activities are no longer illegal, although they are nonetheless regulated. Colombian cops are working hard to reduce cocaine and cannabis consumption. If you’re going to smoke in Medellin, you need exercise caution, especially if you’re going to smoke outside. People who are caught with smaller amounts of drugs by the police are usually able to get out of trouble by paying a little bribe, but if you are caught with large amounts, you can expect a serious punishment. Colombian police are notoriously corrupt, and they relish the opportunity to bribe white tourists. In recent years, medical marijuana has been legalized.

Where to Get Weed in Bogota

Cannabis is widely available in Bogota, and you can get it almost anywhere. Simply glance around and make eye contact with a local who will most likely offer you cannabis. People who wish to spend more time in Bogota should make friends with locals, as they will be able to connect you with trustworthy people. You may expect to get your hands on the best weed in Bogota if you do it this way. Always be cautious and avoid carrying large sums of money.

Cannabis Prices in Bogota

When compared to other parts of the world, cannabis prices are quite modest. The thing is, in Bogota, you can anticipate extremely high-quality buds. The average cost of 25 grams is roughly $30. You can be confident that you’re getting good buds for that price. You can buy a higher quality of weed if you are willing to pay a little more.

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