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Cēsis is a town in northeastern Latvia, known for its medieval castle. First built in the 13th century and rebuilt many times since, Cēsis Castle features wall paintings, dungeons and towers with views. Its Castle Park includes an old brewery, a cemetery and the Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church. Also on castle grounds, the 18th-century Castle Manor House is home to the Cēsis History and Art Museum.
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Cannabis Laws in Latvia

Cannabis in Latvia is illegal for recreational and medical purposes, but production of industrial hemp is permitted.
Possession of quantities up to 1 gram are fined up to 280 euro, for second offences within a year period criminal charges are applied. Possession of larger quantities can be punished with up to 15 years imprisonment.
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Where to get weed in Cesis

It is worth noting that weed is not legal in Cesis, But marijuana is highly consumed in Cesis. Here are some tips and guide of the city… You cannot purchase weed in Cesis or bring it into the country, which means you’ll be buying marijuana off the black market. Also you can try your luck around student areas in the country. Just ask a random dude that looks like a stoner, if they’ve got weed on them. They might try to inflate the price if they think you’re clueless when it comes to pricing so be aware of that. Use caution, discretion, and your best judgment if you choose to do so.
That said, the strains you can find aren’t nearly as good as other strains that can be found in other countries because there aren’t any exotics. Hash is a lot more common than weed so you might have to settle for that. Quality weed in Cesis is pretty expensive and ranges between Eur10 to Eur20 per gram of top shelf.
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