Weed in Cook Islands

Weed in Cook Islands

Weed in Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands is a nation in the South Pacific, with political links to New Zealand. Hence consist of 15 islands scattered over a vast area. The largest island, Rarotonga, is home to rugged mountains and Avarua, the national capital. To the north, Aitutaki Island has a vast lagoon encircled by coral reefs and small, sandy islets. Renowned for its many snorkeling and scuba-diving sites.
If you are in the Cook Island and asking yourself: “Where and How to get weed in Cook Islands?”. Continue reading to see why I think Cook Islands is actually a nice place for summer stoners…

Cannabis Laws

Weed in Cook Island. Cannabis is illegal for recreational use in the Cook Islands. But a non-binding referendum to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes passed with 62% in 2022. But legislation is still to be enacted.

The son of a well-known local politician and two former police officers were detained as part of Operation Eagle. Which Cook Islands Police and New Zealand Police initiated in 2010.

A referendum to legalize cannabis for medical use was successful in 2022 with 62% of the vote.
However, kindly share your knowledge on how and where you managed to get weed in Cook Islands in the comment section…

Where and How to get weed in Cook Islands

There is a lot of weed in the Cook Islands. Although attitudes about marijuana are more restricted in the Island. There are street dealers across the Islands, but because they might be risky to deal with, it is preferable to ask about at your hotel or visit more popular tourist destinations. However you should be able to get some marijuana from several of the men selling sunglasses and other things around beach. Keep in mind that if it’s medical marijuana, the quality might be quite poor. Meanwhile tourist mostly go for recreational cannabis which is quite expensive in Cook Islands.

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