Weed in Durban, South Africa

Weed in Durban

Weed in Durban:

After Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban is the third most populous city in South Africa. It is located on South Africa’s East Coast. Hence it is one of the best place to visit while in South Africa. Durban enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate and large stretches of sandy beach. Overall, weed in Durban is a fantastic area to smoke weed. Although marijuana is illegal in South Africa, the rules are not extremely rigorous. However weed smoking is very widespread across the country.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Weed in Durban. Although cannabis is illegal in South Africa, the regulations are not very harsh. Hence the police doesn’t prioritize the activity. You should be expecting to pay around $20 as fine if you are caught with a modest amount of weed for personal possession. You should not suffer any major penalties as long as you are cautious. Hence not too open about your marijuana use. Selling and producing cannabis are more serious offenses for which you could face prison time.
The present cannabis restrictions were found to be unconstitutional by a court judgement in 2017. If the Supreme Court approves, possession and growing in private houses will be legal.
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How and Where to get weed in Durban

In Durban, there is a lot of marijuana smoking. Almost every black man you see loitering on a street corner will offer you cannabis or point you in the direction of a dealer. There is no reason to be concerned while asking about cannabis, since it is very common in Durban. The quality varies per merchant, but it is usually of poor grade and cultivated outdoors. In comparison to Europe, the prices are extremely affordable. For a baggie containing a couple grams, anticipate to pay around 20 ZAR. This equates to around $170 USD.
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