Weed in Gold Coast, Australia

Weed in Gold Coast

Find Weed in the Gold Coast:

If you are looking for fun, look no further. Famous for surfing, rollercoasters and nightclubs, the Gold Coast attracts millions of tourists every year. Its iconic coastline stretches for more than 60 kilometres and boasts some of Australia’s best beaches. Surrounded by tropical rainforest and mangroves, it is also an area of natural beauty. Hence getting weed in the Gold Coast of Australia won’t be a big deal. Keep reading to explore our ultimate four twenty tips on how to obtain cannabis in Gold Coast.

Cannabis Laws in Australia

Is cannabis legal in the Gold Coast. Cannabis is illegal on a federal level in Australia. However different states have varying laws regarding possession. Gold Coast in Queensland, where possessing a small amount of cannabis for personal use is decriminalized and punishable by a nominal fine if detected. Maximum sentence of 15 years for possession of weed in Gold Coast. Police have discretion to give a caution/diversion notice to someone carrying up to 50g for personal use for a first offence. Smoking in public is a federal offense that can result in more significant penalties in some situations.
Australia is a pretty free country when it comes to marijuana, yet growing and selling it is taken quite severely. It’s best you avoid weed because you could get into prison for marijuana in Gold Coast.

How and Where to get weed in Gold Coast

It is not easy to find weed in the Gold Coast as compared to other big cities like Brisbane. However weed is common amongst the youthful population in Gold Coast. Most nightlife establishments have dealers nearby, so if you go to a club, keep an eye out for local men who have an unusual appearance since many of them are dealers. I will recommend Surfers Paradise Beer Garden, you will meet friendly people who can easily be of help. Also the personnel at your hotel could be able to help you out and potentially provide you with higher-quality marijuana than the sellers as many of them use it themselves.
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