Weed in Madeira, Portugal

Weed in Madeira

Find Weed in Madeira

If you are planning a trip to Portugal and asking yourself: “Where and How to buy cannabis or weed in Madeira, Portugal?”, therefore continue reading to see why I think Madeira is a place to be…
Madeira officially the Autonomous Region of Madeira is one of two autonomous regions of Portugal, the other being the Azores. Geologically Madeira is on African Tectonic Plate with Portuguese origin. Its population was 251,060 in 2021. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, which is located on the main island’s south coast.

Cannabis Laws in Portugal – Cannabis in Madeira

Weed or Cannabis is illegal in Madeira, Portugal, hence neither its sale nor purchase. In 2001, Portugal became the first nation in the world to decriminalize the possession and use of all drugs, including marijuana, in an effort to combat drug abuse and reduce drug-related crime.

Under Portuguese law, possession of minor amounts of narcotics for personal use, including marijuana, is regarded as a civil offense rather than a criminal one. This means that people caught with small amounts of illegal drugs may face fines or other civil penalties but will not face criminal charges or jail time.
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How and Where to find weed in Madeira

First thing you need to know is that weed is still illegal in Portugal so keep that in mind. The enactment of the law means Madeira residents will have to look for alternative means of acquiring weed in Madeira. Besides one such area is Ribeira, located at the riverside of Madeira town. Here you need to approach young men who will direct you to an ideal place to buy weed in Madeira. These young lads are usually at the nearby open-air bar along Praca da Cordoaria.
Search around student area, when it is getting dark. Black guys are usually selling weed, but they are expensive, although the weed is ok. Arabs or Africans sell hash, which is ok, and it seems to me that they are a bit less expensive.
Usually, you meet black guys OR Arabs, they don’t seem to be around the same time. Hence make eye contact, they will initiate the deal.
Go to a few typical spots, rocker type bars, music venues, hangout spots without being too specific. You might definitely find your luck in getting weed in Madeira.

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Laura Pugh

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Elizabeth S.

Pocho, reachable at https://t.me/pochoerbivore on Telegram or through email at EarnestTietjen2546@gmail.com, provides the best service hands down. Working with him is a breeze, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Discovering Pocho was a game-changer for me, as he’s incredibly responsive, punctual, and the quality of the weed he offers is absolutely top-notch. Initially skeptical, I followed his instructions, and to my delight, he showed up right on time. I’ll definitely be a regular customer because, in my experience, Pocho is the most reliable local plug you can find.