Weed in Pisa, Italy

Weed in Pisa

Find Weed in Pisa:

Pisa is a city and commune in Tuscany, central Italy, straddling the Arno just before it empties into the Ligurian Sea. It is the capital city of the Province of Pisa. Although Pisa is known worldwide for its leaning tower, the city contains more than twenty other historic churches, several medieval palaces, and bridges across the Arno. Much of the city’s architecture was financed from its history as one of the Italian maritime republics.
The city is also home to the University of Pisa, which has a history going back to the 12th century, the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, founded by Napoleon in 1810, and its offshoot, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.
Continue reading our guide to get the best information on cannabis laws and how to find weed in Pisa.

Cannabis laws in Italy – Cannabis laws in Pisa

Is weed legal in Pisa. It should come as no surprise that Italy’s marijuana rules are very loose. Cannabis is prohibited, but tiny amounts are decriminalized, so you’re unlikely to go to jail. With few grams of weed in Pisa on you, you can expect a fine and the confiscation of your possessions. Of course, that is only the law; in practice, you may only receive a warning. Although Rome is more liberal than the south of Italy, you must nevertheless be respectful and refrain from smoking in public areas such as the Coliseum. If you’re discreet and cooperative with the officers when they arrive, you should be able to avoid paying the fee.
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Where to get weed in Pisa, Italy

Because of the large number of tourists and police in Italy, finding weed can be difficult in Pisa. Hash is frequently sold there by dealers in Pisa, most of whom are Moroccan men. The quality of the hash or weed you find will vary, but it will almost always be inexpensive. You should anticipate paying 10 euros per gram for top quality weed, with hash being the most affordable. Always inspect the weed quality before purchasing.

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