Weed in Plymouth, United Kingdom

Weed in Plymouth

Find Weed in Plymouth:

Nestled on the south coast of beautiful Devon, Plymouth is a historical city with hundreds of years of maritime history. Not only that, there’s a heap of spots to get weed and the best things to do in Plymouth that make it a great little city break whilst exploring wider Devon.
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Cannabis Laws in United Kingdom- Cannabis laws in Plymouth

Is cannabis legal in Plymouth. In United Kingdom, cannabis is still classified as a class B illegal item, and Plymouth has adopted the same legal framework. Because of this, only persons who meet specific medical requirements may legally purchase weed in Plymouth. Many people purchase cannabis in Plymouth for recreational use by taking advantage of this legal loophole.

Plymouth’s laws restrict the sale of weed and forbid its growing. Hence breaking any of these laws might land you in jail. You can be sentenced to 5 to 14 years in prison as a result.
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How and Where to get weed in Plymouth, England

If you do not know anyone in Plymouth, your best bet for finding weed is looking around in the local pubs. Union Street has something of a reputation and good places to find weed in Plymouth. There are often teenagers smoking marijuana somewhere around there, especially in the evenings when the weather is nice. If you can not find anyone smoking, you might want to ask around. A lot of students in Plymouth smoke marijuana, so if you ask a few they should be able to hook you up. A gram of cannabis is about 10 pounds.

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