Weed in Potsdam, Germany

Weed in Potsdam

Find Weed in Potsdam:

Potsdam is a city on the border of Berlin, Germany. Sanssouci Palace was once the summer home of Frederick the Great, former King of Prussia. On the grounds of the complex, the Renaissance Orangery Palace overlooks Italian-style gardens with fountains. Historic Mill offers city views. English gardens surround neoclassical Charlottenhof Palace. The 19th-century Roman Baths were built in several architectural styles.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany

Is weed legal in Potsdam, just like any other cities in Germany is legal for certain limited medical contexts, but illegal for recreational usage, though possession of minor amounts is not always prosecuted. As of 2022, approximately 4 million adults in Germany use cannabis.
After the 2021 German federal election, the resulting coalition announced in their coalition agreement they plan to legalise cannabis for purposes of recreation, although concrete legislation to this effect has not yet been introduced.
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How and Where to get weed in Potsdam

First thing you need to know is that weed is still illegal in Germany so keep that in mind. In Potsdam there is one hotspot where most people will at first recommend you to buy weed in Potsdam, It is the park. There are always a bunch of strange looking people in the park. Go there and ask them carefully. Don’t go there with more than 2 people.

Otherwise, I would recommend you to ask students. Potsdam is a student city with a huge student population, Hence getting weed in Potsdam wont be a big deal. You will see students everywhere around and your best bet is definitely to look for students who look like stoners and ask them weed. They will point you in the right direction. Also I can only highly recommend to make a few friends who are either students or local kids. They will hook you up with marijuana in Potsdam.

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