Weed in Sardinia, Italy

Weed in Sardinia

Find Weed in Sardinia:

After Sicily, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. It lies just south of Corsica and west of Italy. Millions of people visit the island each year to take advantage of its stunning beaches and delicious native cuisine. Smoking marijuana there is undoubtedly a nice experience because Sardinia is a really beautiful place. Given that Sardinia is a popular tourist destination and that Italian cannabis laws are lax, finding cannabis is not difficult. Explore our guide to get the best information on cannabis laws and where to get weed and hash in Sardinia.

Cannabis laws in Italy – Cannabis in Sardinia

Is weed legal in Sardinia. It should come as no surprise that Italy’s marijuana rules are very loose. Cannabis is illegal, but possessing a tiny amount is no longer a crime. With a few grams of weed on you in Sardinia, you can expect a fine and the confiscation of your possessions. Of course, that is only the law. In practice, you may only receive a warning. Although Rome is more liberal than the south of Italy, you must nevertheless be respectful and refrain from smoking weed in public areas such as the Coliseum. If you’re discreet and cooperative with the officers when they arrive, you should be able to avoid paying the fee.

How and Where to get weed in Sardinia, Italy

The fact that Sardinia has a large tourist population and lax cannabis legislation, it makes it easier for people to buy weed. However if you’re a youthful traveler, chances are you’ll get weed. It is very common to see dealers selling hash or weed in the parks and night clubs. However most of these street dealers in Sardinia are African especially the Moroccans. The quality of the hash or cannabis you find will vary, but it will almost always be inexpensive. You should anticipate paying 10 euros per gram for top quality weed in Sardinia. Hash being the most affordable in Sardinia. Always inspect the weed quality before purchasing in Sardinia.

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