Where to get Weed in Lund, Sweden

Weed in Lund

Find Weed in Lund:

A tiny Swedish city with a reputable univeristy as its main draw. The city is entirely famous by Lund University, thus tourists can expect a lively city center, a fantastic nightlife, and a well-kept Sweedish metropolis. Sadly, things aren’t quite as bright when it comes to weed. Read on for our analysis to know more about cannabis and where to get weed in Lund.

Cannabis Laws in Sweden

Is weed legal in Lund. It may surprise you to learn that cannabis is illegal in Sweden, and the rules are quite tight. Possession, cultivation, and sale of weed can result in a fine or incarceration. It’s doubtful that you’ll get a sentence for having a few grams on you, but it’s a pain. Frequently, you will be escorted to the police station, where you will be required to fill out documents and may be subjected to a large fine and, in rare situations, prosecution. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming.
Lund people love to party and drink a lot, but weed is frowned upon by the elder generations, and it is considered taboo. Younger generations are far more accepting, but they do not write the laws.

How and Where to get weed in Lund

Because of the strict regulations, it can be challenging to find weed in Lund. Although you can see a number of people smoking weed around the town, your best option is still to travel to Copenhagen, where weed is both legal and readily available. However, you will have to speak with the students if you choose to remain in Lund. While there aren’t many dealers around, a lot of the students will be happy to assist with their hookups. If you don’t know anyone in Lund, you can check around the Botanical garden and the city park ( Stadsparken ) . You might come across few students smoking and can help you to get weed or hash.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in the Lund.

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