Buying Weed in Costa del Sol, Spain

Buying Weed in Costa del Sol

Find Weed in Costa del Sol:

The name Costa del Sol, which literally translates as “Coast of the Sun,” is fitting. Millions of tourists travel to the shore and the cities nearby every year since it is one of Spain’s main tourist routes. From sun to sangria to tapas to cannabis, it has it all. Although marijuana isn’t officially legal in Spain, the country is very friendly about it, so you’ll probably have no difficulty buying weed in Costa del Sol. Read on for the rest of our article to get to know cannabis laws and how to find weed in Costa del Sol.

Cannabis Laws in Spain

Is it legal to buy weed in Costa del Sol. Spanish legislation reflects the nation’s passion of marijuana use. Cannabis trafficking and sales are against the law and subject to imprisonment, although personal use is far more permissive. In actuality, cannabis growing and possession is okay in private areas. This implies that while it is legal to possess or even grow marijuana within your home. However the moment you leave, you are in violation of the law.

Fortunately, it’s just a misdemeanor to possess marijuana for personal use. Hence if the police find you, they’ll fine you and take your pot away. Many people buy weed in Costa del Sol in public, and it’s usually safe as long as you watch out for police officers. It’s rather typical to smoke marijuana at night on the beach, so you shouldn’t have any issues smoking it.

How and Where to buy weed in Costa del Sol

In Costa del Sol, there is a very high likelihood that you can buy hash or weed by simply strolling around, especially if you’re in your twenties. If not, you’ll need to inquire around. Dealers will emerge in the evening on the main streets and at the more popular nightclubs and clubs. Hash is simpler to find than weed and is never more than a few inquiries away. The average price per gram is around 8–10 euros, however visitors sometimes spend more.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to get weed in Costa del Sol.

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Daniel Levi

The product is incredible, arrives 30 minutes if you purchase before night time. & the storage tins are perfect. I use weed to help with my Epilepsy, it is perfect for post seizure recovery & helps to relieve any med side effects. Tried other companies that are very unreliable, This channel is definitely the best in The Costa del Sol.