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After Zagreb, Split is Croatia’s second-largest city. Despite being one of Croatia’s most popular sightseeing spots due to its location on the Dalmatian coast, the city has a lot more to offer. The Romans, the Byzantines, and the Venetians have all had an impact on Split during its countless years of history. Because of this, modern cities in Europe have a wonderful blend of history, architecture, and other features. Although buying hemp or weed in Split, Croatia might be tricky, our travel guide provides you with all you need to know.

Hemp laws in Croatia – Hemp laws in Split

Weed, hemp in Split, Croatia

Is it legal to buy pot in Split, Croatia? Despite the fact that hemp is illegal in Croatia, it is no longer a crime to have a little amount. The charge is still serious, as the fine for carrying hemp on you runs from $800 to $3500, due on the amount and instance. It is unlawful to sell or grow hemp in Split, and doing so can result in a jail sentence. As a result, it is probably preferable to refrain from buying weed in Split in public settings.

Hemp is becoming widely popular among Croatian teenagers in Split, and it is gradually gaining acceptance. Since 2015, a number of medications containing hemp is now on the market, showing a more lenient attitude toward hemp. Hence making it somehow easier to buy CBD weed in Split.

How and Where to get weed in Split, Croatia

Weed, hemp in Split, Croatia

Because of harsh charges for selling and growing hemp+, it might be hard to buy THC weed in Split. In order to avoid being rip off, it is vital to avoid street dealers in Split. Your best chance would be to ask some locals, mostly students as they are typically hemp friendly. Also checking around Park Šuma Marjan, where you can easily find people smoking and buying hemp in Split. Nevertheless Trg braće Radić is a popular tourist spot in Split where dealers hang often to hook up tourist with hemp.

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