Cannabis in Rovinj, Croatia

Cannabis in Rovinj

Find Cannabis in Rovinj:

Rovinj or Rovigno is located in Istria, Croatia. The city and the surrounding area have a rich history and deep historic ties with Italy, which is why you might mistakenly think you are in Italy, once you arrive. Sadly Croatian cannabis laws are not nearly as liberal as the Italian ones and cannabis in Rovinj can be quite hard to find. Exploring the city, the beaches and the local cuisine, while high is a great experience, however, and totally recommended.

Cannabis Laws in Croatia

Cannabis laws in Croatia are quite harsh when compared to those in other countries in the European Union. Marijuana is considered a light drug by the government, but still growing and selling cannabis in Rovinj is considered a felony and can land you in prison for a minimum of 3 years.
Cannabis in Rovinj is regulated quite strictly in Croatia, so you should definitely exercise caution if you do decide to smoke weed in Rovinj. Keep in mind that the police, as well as many of the older people, still view cannabis very negatively.

Where and How to get weed in Rovinj

It can be quite hard for foreigners to find cannabis in Rovinj as it is a fairly small city. You will have a better look in big cities like Zagreb and Split or party places like Hvar. If your trip takes you to one of those spots, try to look for weed there. In Rovinj, you might still find some, but it won’t be as easy. Try asking young Croatians, like waiters, as many of them do smoke. Usually, a gram is 10 euros, but as a tourist, you should expect to pay more.
Kindly share your thoughts and experience on how you managed to buy cannabis in Rovinj in the comment section…

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