Weed in Graz, Austria

Weed in Graz

Find Weed in Graz, Austria

After Vienna, Graz is the second-largest city in Austria. The city is famous for having one of Central Europe’s oldest and most stunning city center. More than 60 000 students attend six institutions in Graz. The city has a distinct vibe that is unique by many other cities in the globe because of the unusual combination of historic buildings and student life. Given the number of students and Austria’s relatively lenient hemp laws, getting hemp or weed in Graz, Austria shouldn’t be difficult.
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Hemp laws in Austria – Hemp in Graz

Weed or hemp in Graz, Austria

Is hemp or weed legal in Graz? Austria is a rather moderate and forward-thinking nation in Europe. It should thus not be surprising that there are not many strict hemp laws. However, be aware that Graz’s police and residents might not be as understanding as those in Vienna. Since 2016, Austria no longer bans the hold of small amounts of hemp. This shows that the only payment you may make is a fine. However, it is up to the laws in Graz to determine what makes a modest amount for personal use, so how you behave and how the hemp is package is crucial. Even if each baggie contains only a little amount of hemp, avoid carrying lots of them.

It’s critical to remember that, despite Austria’s high level of tolerance for weed, the drug is still illegal. Try to refrain from smoking weed in public to avoid the fines, which may be rather costly in Graz.
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Where and How to get quality weed in Graz, Austria

Weed or hemp in Graz, Austria

Finding decent weed might be difficult if you do not know any residents or students in Graz. There are dealers, but they often have subpar weed and will try to overcharge you. The Stadtpark is a fantastic spot to seek for weed suppliers in Graz. Even if you do not smell weed or hash at the park, just approach some teens and they should be able to sell you some or put you in the correct way. Expect to pay a gram of weed for 10 to 15 euro. Hash is relatively cheaper and can be purchase for under 8 euros.

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