Get Weed in Palanga, Lithuania

Weed in Palanga

Find Weed in Palanga:

Palanga has become a byword for summertime hedonism amongst Lithuanians right across the country. Today this one’s high-season electro and chart parties rage from June to August on the Jonas Basanavicius boulevard and amidst the countless bars and al fresco cocktail joints that line its fringes.
The beach is another magnet during the dog days, offering perhaps Lithuania’s most accessible and sunbather-friendly stretch of golden Baltic sand.
But it’s not all late nights and lazy afternoons in Palanga either.
Four Twenty Avenue provides an insight on cannabis laws and how to find weed in Palanga. Read on to get more tips!

Cannabis Laws in Lithuania

Is weed legal in Palanga. Cannabis is technically illegal in Lithuania under the present law. The only plant that can be use industrially is hemp. Additionally, there is no program for weed use for medical purposes. Even a modest amount of marijuana intended for personal use is illegal to possess and, theoretically, is punishable by imprisonment. Hence making it practically very difficult to get weed in Palanga. If you simply have a little amount of weed on you, it is doubtful that you will receive anything more severe than a fine and maybe a single night in jail. If you are cultivating or selling cannabis, you run a high risk of going to prison.

In general, it’s better to avoid smoking weed in public when visiting Palanga. Also avoid buying weed in public places in Lithuania. Right now, the laws are rather strict. However, there is a lot of discussion about decriminalizing cannabis, so things might change soon.

How and Where to get weed in Palanga

Getting weed in Palanga can be hard, due to the severe punishments for dealing and growing. It is best not to ask the dealer/thuggish looking guys for weed, as they might rob you. Your best bet would be to ask some locals at the beach, preferably students, because they are generally friendly. Asking around at bars in Jonas Basanavicius boulevard in the evening is also a good option to get pot in the city.

Don’t forget to drop your comments below to help tourists on how to get weed in Palanga.

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Freddy Dupri

The product is incredible, arrives 30 minutes if you purchase before night time. & the storage tins are perfect. I use weed to help with my Epilepsy, it is perfect for post seizure recovery & helps to relieve any med side effects. Tried other companies that are very unreliable, This guy is definitely the best in Palanga. ????

Sanjay Sankar

I purchased 1/2 lb super lemon buds and these are fire.
More like a small than popcorn bud.
I love a dank and skunks weed and this fits the bill.
I love the smell of this stuff makes my nose tingle and it has an earthy, fishy dank flavourful to it with a high that’s amazing
Loaded with crystal,smells amazing Telegram ID |