Weed in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Weed in Chiang Mai

Weed in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the place to go if you want to visit Northern Thailand. It has become the main hub of Digital Nomads in recent years, but there is much more to see and do there. Museums, temples, festivals, and nightclubs are all places worth visiting. Chiang Mai has everything, including cannabis. Thailand has tough rules, yet when it comes to smoking a joint, the cops appear to turn a blind eye. Continue reading for more information on weed in Chiang Mai.

Cannabis Law: 

Cannabis is banned in Thailand, and the restrictions are highly harsh. Possession, cultivation, or trafficking of up to 10 kilos of marijuana can result in a 5-year prison sentence. In practice, though, if you are discovered with a few grams of marijuana on your person, you are considerably more likely to receive a fine rather than a prison sentence. The police are underpaid in general and are seeking for ways to extort money from travelers. If you’re found with a few grams of marijuana, you might have to pay a bribe. The bribe fee varies according on the officer, although it might be extremely high or extremely low; you can also try to haggle. It’s advisable to stay as far away from the cops as possible. Smoking is not permitted in public places.

Where to Get Cannabis in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, there are a few options for getting cannabis. Asking a tuk-tuk driver is probably the simplest option. The issue is that they will provide you a low-quality product at a low price, but they are everywhere. Going to a backpacker hostel and asking around is a better approach to get cannabis. The majority of the people who work there smoke, and many of the employees themselves sell marijuana. The quality and pricing are better, but the weed is often only available to those who sleep there. The weed is of poor quality compared to what you might be used to in Europe or the United States, but it will get you high. The pricing are excellent, with most dealers selling bags of 10-30 grams for a few bucks a gram.

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