Weed in Leonding, Austria

Weed in Leonding

Find Weed in Leonding:

Leonding is a city southwest of Linz in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. It borders Puchenau and the river Danube in the north, Wilhering and Pasching in the west, Traun in the south and Linz in the east. With a population of more than 27 thousand people, Leonding is the most populous city of the Linz-Land district. Also the fourth most populous city in Upper Austria.
It is very close to Linz and offers views of the Alps and therefore attracts the upper social classes for living without providing much infrastructure on its own. Hence making it very attractive to smoke weed in Leonding.
This guide will make you understand the cannabis laws and how to get weed in Leonding.

Cannabis laws in Austria

Is cannabis legal in Leonding. Cannabis is banned in Austria, despite its widespread availability. On the other hand, medicinal marijuana is legal. The laws and the police will target the manufacturers and dealers rather than the general public, so things aren’t horrible, but they’re also not legal. This situation makes it somehow difficult to get weed in Leonding.
When the cops apprehend you, they’ll try to figure out if the marijuana you’re carrying is for personal use or for sale. The maximum penalty for tiny quantities is six months in prison.
However, you are unlikely to receive the maximum, and as a tourist, you may be able to get away with a warning.
As a local, you can normally expect a fine or to be enrolled in a rehabilitation program.
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How and Where to get quality weed in Leonding

Buying quality weed in Leonding is not that difficult. The best place to find marijuana in Leonding is just to venture out and explore the city. You will inevitably come across many smokers and dealers in parks or on the streets.
Keep in mind if you have huge quantity on you, the cops might arrest you, thinking that you are a dealer.
Quality weed in Leonding costs on average 10 to 15 euros per gram. Before you conclude any purchase with a dealer, always inspect the quality.

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