Weed in Rostock, Germany

Weed in Rostock

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Rostock is a city straddling the Warnow River on the north coast of Germany. Well known for Rostock University, founded in 1419. Rostock Botanical Garden has an arboretum and alpine gardens. ­In the old town, the Gothic St. Mary’s Church features a 15th-century astronomical clock. Nearby is the cobblestone Neuer Markt main square and Rathaus (town hall), which mixes Gothic and baroque styles. Hence served as good tourist attractions in the city.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany – Cannabis in Rostock

Weed in Rostock, just like any other cities in Germany is legal for certain limited medical contexts, but illegal for recreational usage, though possession of minor amounts is not always prosecuted. As of 2022, approximately 4 million adults in Germany use cannabis.
After the 2021 German federal election, the resulting coalition announced in their coalition agreement they plan to legalise cannabis for purposes of recreation.
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Where and How to get weed in Rostock, Germany

First thing you need to know is that weed is still illegal in Germany so keep that in mind. In Rostock there is one hotspot where most people will at first recommend you to buy weed in Rostock, It is around student area, when it is getting dark. Black guys are usually selling weed, but they are expensive, although the weed is ok. Arabs or Turks sell hash, which is ok, and it seems to me that they are a bit less expensive.
Usually, you meet black guys OR Arabs in the city, however they don’t seem to be around the same time. Make eye contact, they will initiate the deal.
Go to a few typical spots, rocker type bars, music venues, hangout spots without being too specific.

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