Weed in Willemstad, Curacao

Weed in Willemstad

Find Weed in Willemstad:

The capital of Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island. Willemstad renowned for its historic district, which has colonial buildings painted in soft hues. The neighborhoods of Punda and Otrobanda are connected by the floating Queen Emma Bridge, which spans Sint Anna Bay. The 19th-century Rif Fort, which currently houses a retail area, is located beside the water. Restaurants in the city feature food that draws on the island’s mostly Dutch and Afro-Caribbean cuisines.
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Cannabis Laws in Curacao

Is weed legal in Willemstad. Despite being illegal in the Netherlands, marijuana is tolerated by the government, which many people are unaware of. Not much is different in Curacao, which is a Dutch territory. The police frequently turn a blind eye to tourists who are smoking joints despite the fact that it is against the law and that doing so might result in a heavy punishment. They also occasionally solicit for bribes.

There isn’t much cause for concern when smoking weed in Willemstad, but you should still avoid doing so in public and attempt to keep your cannabis possession to a minimum.

How and Where to get weed in Willemstad

Despite being illegal in the Curacao, You can easily find weed in Willemstad. You will often find a couple persons selling in big nightclubs. If you go about in Punda and suit the criteria, getting weed wont be any hassle. These vendors frequently offer subpar Columbian, but it’s still better than nothing.

There are several locations where you may get weed in Willemstad. Here are a few well-known locations:

Penstraat-Drivethru: Weed here isn’t of the best quality. But you will still get pretty high. Jamaican marijuana is offered here. Other items are available for purchase, but I do not advise it. Punda has a little street that you will drive through; if you are a visitor, it could seem somewhat unsettling, but as long as you act normally, there is nothing wrong with the site. When you stop in the street, one of the passersby will approach your window and inquire about your needs; when they ask for “Chaiba” (the local term for weed in Willemstad), you should specify how much you want.
Pinkhouse: This shop, which is close to Jan Sofat and the more affluent area of town, sells a variety of goods including weed. Similar to before, you tell them how much you want, and they bring it to you.
The Clubs: If you want to buy it in a club, just look for a black, slender guy. He’ll undoubtedly be carrying some marijuana and other goods. Although its quality varies.
Local: Knowing a person locally who you have their phone number is the greatest approach to get the best deal and quality. They typically deliver and will provide you the greatest quality of weed in Willemstad.

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