Where to get Weed in Bonn, Germany

Weed in Bonn

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Bonn is a city in western Germany straddling the Rhine river. It’s noticeable for the central Beethoven House, a memorial and museum honoring the composer’s birthplace. Nearby are Bonn Minster, a church with a Romanesque cloister and Gothic elements, the pink-and-gold Altes Rathaus, or old city hall, and Poppelsdorf Palace housing a mineralogical museum. To the south is Haus der Geschichte with post-WWII history exhibits. Finding weed in Bonn shouldn’t present too much of a challenge because Germany is a highly permissive country towards marijuana.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany – Cannabis laws in Bonn

Is weed legal in Bonn. In Germany, marijuana use is very common, especially among younger people. Despite the extremely permissive legislation, marijuana remains illegal in Bonn. Marijuana cultivation and sales are illegal and may land you in serious legal trouble. However, the possession of a little amount of weed is typically not severe and may not even result in a fine. Depending on whatever German state you are in, anything under 10 grams could be a modest quantity, according to Bonn. Smoking weed in Bonn is not allow in public places, and you risk getting into problems if you do, particularly if a school is close by. Although marijuana rules in Germany are generally extremely lenient, it is nevertheless preferable to avoid smoking in public areas.
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How and Where to get weed in Bonn, Germany

You will need to rely on street dealers if you don’t know any residents from Bonn. However the “Tannenbusch Mitte” station and the Hofgarten are two great places to visit to buy weed in Bonn. There will typically be Arab men selling hash and marijuana throughout the evening. Generally speaking, the quality is not the finest, however this might vary from dealer to dealer. Don’t expect to haggle the price down; a gram of marijuana costs 10 euros; this is essentially a predetermined price.

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