Get Weed in Famagusta, Cyprus

Get weed in Famagusta

Find Weed in Famagusta:

Famagusta, also known as Gazimağusa, is a city on the east coast Cyprus. If you’re a lover of history there is a lot to see and explore there and you will certainly have a great time. When it comes to smoking weed while exploring, however, things are very tough. Cannabis is very illegal in Cyprus and getting weed in Famagusta can be pretty tough. Four Twenty Avenue brings provides you with cannabis laws and tips on getting marijuana in Famagusta.

Cannabis laws in Cyprus – Cannabis laws in Famagusta

Is weed legal in Famagusta. Cyprus’s cannabis regulations reflect the country’s considerable Greek and Turkish influences. The drug laws are rather harsh and serious. In principle, having marijuana may result in a prison term. Of course, in actuality, especially for a visitor, that is quite unlikely to occur. When someone is discovered with weed in Famagusta, the typical course of events is for them to be detained, transported to the precinct, interrogated, spend the night in jail, and then be fined a few hundred euros. It’s a major nuisance that may absolutely ruin your vacation.

The authorities in Cyprus are generally conservative and don’t see marijuana usage as casually as they do in other European nations. Although you are most likely to escape with a fine as a tourist, it is not enjoyable to spend a few hundred euros in penalty. If you do smoke, exercise extreme caution and avoid smoking weed in Famagusta in public areas where a lot of people are present.
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How and Where to get weed in Famagusta, Cyprus

The fact is that if you don’t know any residents in Famagusta, it’s very hard to obtain weed as a visitor there. There aren’t many individuals selling on the street because of the rules, which are quite severe on sellers. Finding anything is considerably simpler in coastal destinations like Nicosia. However, in Famagusta, you’ll need to approach taxi drivers or hotel staffs for help. Although many students smoke weed out there and could be ready to assist you. Be ready to fish out 15 to 20 euro for a gram of good quality weed in Famagusta. Hash is little cheaper which is under 10 euro.

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Jack Dwayne

This is my plug to get all of my stuff in Famagusta amazing! I absolutely love the products here and I love the staff especially Pocho the dealer! He’s always so helpful whenever I come in to make a purchase, very sweet, and super super friendly ! 10/10 would recommend this guy and when you message ask for Pocho @pochoerbivore on Telegram????✅!