Weed in Limassol, Cyprus

Weed in Limassol

Weed in Limassol, Cyprus

After the capital Nicosia, Limassol is Cyprus’ second-largest city. Tourists flock to the city because of its rich history, which includes ancient castles and strongholds that are still standing. Whether you’re in Limassol for the lovely weather, the history, or the waterpark, a little weed or hemp can help you enjoy your stay in Limassol even more. Sadly, hemp remains illegal in Cyprus, and the bans are widely tight. Keep reading for a full guide to weed or hemp in Limassol.

Hemp laws in Cyprus

Weed or hemp in Limassol, Cyprus

Is weed or hemp legal in Limassol? Despite being a member of the European Union, Cyprus maintains strict drug and hemp laws. However, in practice, it is a little less harsh. According to the legislation, if you are caught using pot, you might face life in jail, with a maximum sentence of 8 years for holding. The truth is that Cypriot courts are far more lenient than those in the United Kingdom. If you are caught smoking pot or holding a few grams, you will likely be charged to a night in jail and fined a few hundred euros.
Even if you’re unlikely to get in trouble for hemp, a night in jail and a fine can ruin any holiday. When smoking in Cyprus, be cautious and discreet.
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Finding weed in Limassol

Weed or hemp in Limassol, Cyprus

The majority of Cypriots have a network to someone who offers them hemp. There you will find no street plugs. Instead, you’ll have to enlist the help of some locals. Many of the younger folks use hemp, so you might get lucky and get some. In a more popular area like Ayia Napa, you’ll also have a better chance of finding weed. In Cyprus, weed is also fairly pricey, especially for visitors.
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